Thursday, 28 June 2012

Could this be the end of UGGs and Crocs? I hope so. Janina offers an alternative

Can't keep this to myself any longer!!! Janina Alleyne look out for her. Her “Exoskeleton” shoe collection was breathtaking, a highlight of Graduate Fashion Week. 
Not since McQueen’s Armadillo shoes have I been so mesmerized by footwear. their beauty and architectural structure. While Alexander's was mind blowing, (more for the models risking death on the runway, or at least broken ankles) Janina's looked fairly wearable, (more the one below, for me at least.) 

Maybe not shoes for dog walking but accessorized with a gown at the Met? A most definite YES.

(Source: Top image from second image my own)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wearable. Wonderful. WANTABLE.

 Quick flight back to London to witness the talent of tomorrow, Graduate Fashion Week.

I was  lucky enough to get tickets to watch the Edinburgh College of Art fashion show.
Truly inspiring.

One of the highlights was Jacob Birge.  A visual display of escapism. Futurism/armour/Sci-fi. I couldn’t help but think of McQueen’s Aliens of S/S 2010. While his was about aquatic, underwater creatures Jacob focused on dark, structured minimalism. A modern approach to armory, beautifully constructed. 
I can imagine Daphne Guinness rocking this look perfectly.

 But who could forget EVA NG……what a perfect name to start with!
Her collection balanced the art of tailoring with drape and the results were stunning. A modern Roland Mouret mixed with the sexy aesthetic of Gucci. A name to remember and look out for.

 But which designer would I buy from now? That would have to be Lyndsay McNeill. More like watching London or New York Fashion Week than Graduate. Her collection focused on soft relaxed tailoring. A modern working womans wardrobe. Think Chloe with a hint of Paul Smith. 
Wearable. Wonderful. WANTABLE. 

(…..Lyndsay? If you ever read this I want to pre order the white/cream coat. No words!)

(Image sources since my camera died,,,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Latest Obsession {The Mullet Skirt}

Business in the front, party in the back!

Lov’in it!

Skirt: New Look
Tops: New Look
Sunglasses: John Lewis
Bag: Zara
Sandals: Nine West

Runway Girly arrives in the South of France....await outfits a plenty!