Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rockin the Gold Lame

Sales were amazing this year.....have done serious damage in Zara....will be blogging about my bargains for weeks!

I decided to halt on my black buying and opted for something a little different....like gold lame!
I feel quite a 70's show stopper in its....or like a golden globe?

Gold Lame Jumper: Zara
Turban: Zara
Peter Pan Shirt: Actually a Next dress....worn before, seen here
Leggings: Primarni
Shoes: M&S.....so comfortable!

Monday, 23 January 2012

My [boho] look

Hello….I’m back. Dissertation handed in, check. Ready to play a little dress up, check!

Closet now bursting at the seams, Chanel-esque blazers will be tucked away (….perhaps just for the day) preparing for something different.


Necklace: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Trying to channel my inner Rachel Zoe with a Primark pair.

Gilet: Another nod to Zoe. Dorothy Perkins.

Jumper: Granny’s….Runway Girly loves a hand me down….who doesn’t?

Dress: Nicked from my sister. Shhhh!

Bag: M&S Limited Edition. No words….in LOVE with this.

Watch: Cartier. Ballon Bleu.

Boots: Zara

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sartorial Romance

I'm probably sure my sister has told you about The Sartorialist as we're both big fans. I love this picture of 'what makes true love,' which was captured on Instagram. Scott did this picture for Tiffany & Co and you can also upload your images of what makes true love on their website.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bird Song

I forgot to show you one particularly special ring. The bird ring. Hannah bought me this bird shaped ring for Christmas from 'Whistles.' I love the simplicity of it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A bit of an obsession

My sister is not the only one with an obsession for jewellery. I have to admit that this obsession may stem from me (being the older sister). I have been collecting rings for years- collecting bits and pieces on my travels.

I love stacking my rings. The rings above are my favourite to stack and probably mean the most to me. My sister always tries to steal my Mikimoto (pearl) ring as it is one of her faves. The 'Love' ring was designed by my boyfriend who melted down an old necklace to make it. So it feels quite organic. He put a diamond on the 'o' and he had a diamond inserted on the inside of the ring too, which makes it quite special. He also gave me the other diamond ring.

You may remember this purse from previous blog posts of Hannah's. Hannah helped create this purse when she did some work experience for Topshop. I think they work well as a jewellery 'box' and I love that I can have my initial on it.I've always collected pendants and put them on a long gold chain. I put rings on it, attach lockets and things found in my grandma's jewellery box. This is a new fave which I have added to my collection and they are from Topshop. I love spikes- so I was thrilled when I spotted these.
You may have seen this ring many times on Hannah's post as Hannah has the same ring. This is my 'show-stopper' piece and I have had numerous comments on it. I love how chunky this ring is. I must admit Hannah was the one who found this so full marks to her.

Introducing Guest Sister Blogger Sophie

Whilst my dear sister is slogging away on her final year dissertation I have decided to hi-jack her blog. The poor thing has been neglected for too long that I thought something must be done.