Sunday, 10 July 2011

There's a new way to wear your bag...introducing Emily Irschick

Who: Emily Irschick

Who?: A talented New Zealand fashion design student with a penchant/talent for photography.

Inspiration: A mix of Mr Scott Schuman, Erwin Wurm & the blog post ‘I like…signs that say what you want them to say” (click here to view)

Concept: Identity.

Strangers take photos of strangers . Emily asks…do we ever equate style without facial information? Can we make judgements whilst knowing nothing of the individual?

Miss Irschick takes the idea further to erase individuality entirely. Subjects are disguised by paper bags with pre scribbled faces. These characters are no longer alien instead recognizable by their new cartoon features. The viewer can now judge image entirely on the outfit left behind.

Verdict: Witty, clever & fun….plus a great alternative to make-up & plastic surgery. Grab a Vogue, glue stick & paper bag………

(Source: All images taken by the talented Emily Irschick)

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