Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Return of the IT bag

Remember the Stam, Spy & the Betty? Well the IT bag has returned. This time round the bags are subtle and classic. The focus is more on design than statement….. time to start saving.

The major two bags of the season are the Fendi Peekaboo & Mulberry’s Alexa.

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The Fendi Peekaboo is the silent IT bag, slowly gaining in popularity. It is becoming the fashion insider's favourite. The front rows of A/W 2010 were littered with Karl’s creation.

It is Fendi’s version of the Birkin, which means a Birkin sized price tag, anything from $1,930 to $5,740….ouch!

(Image souces:,,,, oliviapalermooffashion.blogspot)

The Alexa was the hit of last season but the fashion elite can’t get enough. Olivia has been spotted several times with a variety of Alexa’s. I predict that the Alexa will become a classic like the Bayswater, Birkin or Balenciaga motorcycle bag. So I might just have to invest in one soon….

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Key pieces of the season: The Cape

No longer reserved for super heroes & little red riding hood, the cape is now the uniform of fashion. It has always been lingering in the background but this season it has propelled into IT status.

The cape dominated on the catwalks, Salvatora Ferragamo, Chloe, Hussein Chalayan, Celine and YSL to name a few. You need only look at the high street versions, (e.g. Topshop) to know that this is going to be a BIG trend.

But the proof of a real trend is seeing if it transcends from the catwalk to the streets. Style street blogs are filled with fashionistas wearing the item mixing it with their own unique style.

For best results ditch the red riding hood look by sticking to neutrals such as the color of the season BEIGE. To be on trend this season wear shorts (if you want to be the ultimate fashionista try leather, not for the faith hearted) and long stockings and boots.


(Source: Topshop)

Shoe of the season-DSquared Spine Shoes


The scariest/most fabulous shoe of the season has to these spine heeled shoe. They say that high heels cause major back problems for women and this must be is Dean & Dan’s attempt to poke fun at the medics. But even if your back can take the strain can your wallet? Because these are £1056.08 a pair.


(Source Fashiongonerogue)

One of the transitional pieces from last A/W the Cape is back with dominance. Whether you want furry, plaid, beige or graphic their is a cape for you.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Window Dressing- Chanel


Don’t you just love all the window displays? When you have no money you can always go window shopping & dream…..

Chanel… the boule set! Rolling around in the hay never looked so chic!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Givenchy up close.

(Source fashioneditoratlarge)

Three words: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Apparently the shoes were dipped in porcelain….. a trend that might catch on? Probably not for the heavy footed!

And a rather incongruous ring, (shaped like a vertebrae). Weird….but rather wonderful.

It fits in with one of the line’s theme which was Mexico’s day of the dead.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Givenchy discovers the lighter side of life

(Source: Fashiongonerogue)

Unfortunately starting with A/W 2010 Givenchy will no longer have a couture show. Instead it relies on a look book with couture clients obtaining appointments at the salon. How sad that we will not witness the collection in motion.

On the bright side the collection was STUNNING!!!!

Riccardo Tisci famous for his love affair with darkness decided to shake things up this season. The fabrics & tones were light & ethereal, (only one dress was black & even that faded to white). Feminine lace, feathers and diamonds were the staple of the collection.

The collection in three words, ostentatious, luxurious and delicate.

Galliano creates Dior’s Garden of Eden. Nothing too green about it, more a mass of colour.

(Source Fashiongonerogue)

What: Christian Dior Couture

Where: Musee de Rodin, Paris

When: 05/07/2010

Who: Everyone from Fashion experts Anna W to designer darlings like Blake Lively. Even style disasters such as Jared Leto sat front row, (why he was allowed in, let alone centre stage!)

WWIL (what was it like?): As one can expect from Mr Galliano a feast for the eyes & imagination. Uprooted models,(complete with plastic wrap, claustrophobia anyone?) strode down the runway in the lightest of fabrics, silks, tulle, organza, allowing the clothes to move as if in a breeze.

The collection focused on tulip silhouettes with strong print in a palette worthy of your flower bed, Iris purples, peonies pinks, freesias oranges and Dahlia blacks.

Verdict: Overall a gorgeous display of theatrical costumes that one can only admire. Wearable? Surprisingly for a Couture show YES. There were pieces, most memorable being the beige fungi dress, that could easily be introduced into your closet. The larger than life tulip tulle dresses on the other hand should remain on the runway unless you intend to enter next year’s Chelsea flower show!